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Subject:  Re: Help! My Social Security is in Lucent Date:  7/30/2001  12:16 AM
Author:  ziggy29 Number:  46750 of 876361

> >> SS means testing waiting in the wings. BOHICA (bend over, here it comes again) << <<

[reference to NY Times article deleted]

From that article:

Most of the changes would be phased in so that they would not affect anyone currently receiving retirement benefits or within a decade of retirement. <<

This is exactly the problem. AARP is too powerful and no one in politics dares to challenge them.

The folks that all the serious legislation is protecting from "sharing the pain" are already those who are by FAR getting the best deal from Social Security.

They are the ones who had much lower ceilings on the payroll tax (even adjusted for inflation); they paid FAR less than 6.2% of their own money. They are the ones who will (on average) recover all their contributions, including a fair level of interest, in about 5-6 years -- unlike their children and grandchildren who are likely to never do that, even if they live to be 90.

Yet it's their children and grandchildren -- the ones who, even if NO changes are made, are ALREADY more screwed for Social Security than their parents and grandparents -- who are targeted for even MORE screwing.

If there's pain to be had in fixing Social Security -- to the extent that a Ponzi scheme can be "fixed" other than by abolishing it -- it MUST be shared across all generations, not just those who aren't eligible to be part of the AARP juggernaut.

And by NOT sharing the pain fairly, they make the "solutions" much more draconian and unbearable than by spreading it around.

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