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Financial Planning / Living Under Bankruptcy


Subject:  Re: Sec. 529 plan disclosure Date:  8/2/2001  8:03 PM
Author:  lisab500 Number:  893 of 1260

Thank you for your response. I agree with you completely when you said this: Bottom line: do NOTHING with the intent of "getting one over" on the trustee. Losing $ is not as bad as losing your freedom!

I do not have a current or forseeable need to declare bankruptcy and I hope things remain this way.

Then you're a worrywart? :-) (I say that, as a worrywart.) If you are long term looking at putting aside moneys for your daughter that (in whatever eventuality) can't be taken from you, legally, you might look into the various gift to minor accounts and so on that are discussed on the "saving for college" board. The downside of making an outright gift in trust is that you have to trust that your child will use it for it's intended purpose when she reaches the age of consent, and not to finance a Harley or whatever. If it becomes theirs at a certain age, it's theirs to blow away. But I imagine that after a certain # of months or years, such a gift would definately not fall into the pile of assets that *you* need to declare. (Your daughter, of course, would have to declare it on any of her financials, like college apps.)

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