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Subject:  Real estate in an IRA Date:  8/13/2001  3:37 PM
Author:  socrmom2x2 Number:  53301 of 127519

I am looking for someone who has invested in real estate in their IRA. I am not talking about a REIT, or other publically traded partnership, etc. I am talking about a vacant lake lot. Does anyone have experience with a similar scenario? I am trying to find someone to trustee this, without charging an exhorbitant fee every year. The lot would be left empty, to appreciate. The only expense would be property taxes, as we would tend to any upkeep ourselves. Would the property taxes be just an investment expense (i.e. similar to an IRA fee?), as opposed to distribution from retirement funds to pay the taxes?

Any ideas, suggestions, etc. would be appreciated. By the way, I am looking at doing this, considering we have the cash available in the IRA, and no great investments (IMHO) on the horizon. Lake property where we are continues to appreciate well above inflation, so I see it as a way of diversification. I know the tax deferred side is experienced with real estate, whether in or out of an IRA, so that aspect is not really a plus, but we don't want to finance this property either, but the cash is only available in the IRA.

Thanks for help.

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