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Subject:  Re: In trouble! HELP! Date:  8/21/2001  2:02 PM
Author:  wildirishred Number:  87505 of 312155

So terrified that you would rather be paying ridiculous APR rates? That's a certainty, while the layoff is a big "if." >>

They *were* good rates, they recently went up when we were late with our payments a couple of months ago. I didn't notice it until this month. I've had other things to contend with around here and now I'm playing catch-up.

The layoff is an if, but not a big one. It's a very possible thing to happen, in fact it did a few times. Unfortunately, when he gets laid off, so is everyone else in his trade and he ends up "in back of the books". Last laid off, last called into a shop. If people get too scared of the 6-o'clock-news-sensationalized downspiraling economy, new construction/rehabbing gets put to the side until it gets better. Been there before.

It does occur to me that there are others in financial scenarios worse than ours. Does this apply to my household wanting to get out of debt? No.

I *know* I could take those stocks and throw the $$ to the CC's. I guess I was looking for someone to back up my decision. Or give me an alternative.

Maybe I did overdo it when I used the B word. This is the first time that I am actually scared of what has happened to our finances in the past couple of years.

Let's just say that if we don't stop what we are doing and take a different path NOW, in a short time we will end up using the B word.

You have given some great advice to us and put it into perspective, thank you :)

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