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Subject:  Medical Bills Date:  9/12/2001  1:27 PM
Author:  IsisMoon Number:  90986 of 312185

Ok - I searched for past thread to answer this but I couldn't find any so here goes......

I have lots of medical bills and they will forever keep adding up. The hospital creates a new act. every time I go then I have to call and ask them to combine them - they will into 3 acts each I have to send in a payment on - they are happy as long as you at least send in $5 on each one. However the Physicians Billing is another story for years it was just send what you can as long as you send something every month, but recently they changed there billing system - and did not tell anyone - the new billing system apparently required payments of 10 to 20% - so if you were not paying that they consider you inarears and they "may when and if they feel like it" send it to collection.

I can't get a straight answer from anyone I have been trying for months they want at minimum $750 per month on this one bill - that is impossible! I can not work but do not qualify for SSI or anything similar and we do not have children so we are basically punished by the hospital when I ask about free care or other hospital programs. My husband makes $32,000. We have a house payment, car payment 2 small credit card payments and the regular bills everyone else has. We are not behind on anything at all. But if I have to send them anymore $$ we will be, so my question is how do medical bills and medical bills that are sent to collections effect your credit report??

I am not willing to be late on my other things for this bill, I am trying and try to get them to do a spend down but it takes several months for them to get the paperwork done and they want the (greatly) increased payments to start now
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