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Subject:  Re: Medical Bills Date:  9/12/2001  9:20 PM
Author:  wildgirl Number:  91004 of 309665

How I love multi faceted problems. Now this will keep me away from watching CNN. FWIW I did chase a few newspapers down today and could not read all of them .. will put them away for a better time.

Now about these bills.. You do understand that the doctors and the hospital or the short stay facility if that is applicable have different billing practices. When you enter a hospital for any reason, you must sign papers. If you stay in the hospital for any reason, or be scheduled for any kind of surgery you MUST sign many papers.

As I sit here tonight barely functioning but doing a d@mn fine job of pretending today.. I am confident of one thing.

You signed something somewhere that these providers can come back on you. YOUR problem is not right now the mark on your credit report..

Oh no dear Fool.. albeit. .. a collection will be d@mned ugly. A judgement is double d@mned ugly.

You have "assignable" property. You own a house. You have something to be attached. If you in fact do NOT resolve this issue, I can promise you that your providers will be eyeing the home.

Now they will not come and throw you to the curb.. Oh no.. They will give you due and proper notice and then take you to court and put a LIEN against your property title.

Now tomorrow you make a list of all the acts? I assume you mean accounts. I want you to not speak to anyone, no one until you have a notebook of substance. Get a good pen. Make the phone calls. Call every provider. Get every name of who you talked to. Spell it back to them.. If the name is John P. Doe.. say at the end of the call.. thank you John P. Doe it was good to talk to you today.

You find out who owes what to whom. You pay NO mind to that 750 dollars a month. That charge is on the lunatic fringe. Now the talking is done. You have DOCUMENTED everyone you have talked to.

Did you have health insurance at the time of service? Call them. Same deal. I in good faith would not advise many business calls this week to make a lot of sense. Get your information, take your notes, and get off the phone.

Next Monday.. start writing the letters. Break it down what you can pay. Ask