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Subject:  some thoughts vs feelings Date:  9/13/2001  4:48 PM
Author:  fedja Number:  2479 of 178770

And when our military has repaid the terrorists' favor 100 times over ... (Bill Mann)

I was reluctant to post my thoughts below but the idea to destroy 200 towers and to kill over 1,000,000 people on Earth (supposing that the number of NY victims exceeded 10,000, which is quite likely) is more than I can bear to read silently. So here is my humble opinion.

a) That was not an attack AGAINST America or an attack ON America, but an IN America AND in Afganistan (chosen as the most and the least advanced country to show that this may happen in ANY country) on the world's INTEGRITY and balance.

b) This was not a "full-scale war operation", but merely "a warning to this world" (comparable to unabomber) (though to justify the loss of 10,000+ human lives is impossible).
Full scale operation by a well-organized terrorist organization would include a bit more than 4 airplanes and 3 buildings in 2 cities in the US (As of this moment, I do not know much about Kabul, but, since shooting and bombing has been a "usual style of life" in Afganistan for the last decade, the impact there should be estimated using different units). Besides mere difference in numbers, it would also include a simultaneous attack on communication lines (comparable or exceeding in efficiency the "red worm virus"), rage-accelerating media coverage (available for free in most countries) and a few other components.

c) The attack succeeds not when a few buildings and aicraft are destroyed (this merely brings the world's wealth a few billions of
dollars down) and not when 30,000+ people die (this merely shifts the Grim Reaper's clock forward by 5 hours), but when the people of one nation start blaming people of other nation, when media escalates the rage and, which is the most dangerous, when RETALIATION (usually with the damage factor exceeding 1) is substituted for JUSTICE

and, the most importantly,

d) The main question is not "Whom to blame?" (leave that to FBI
and CIA; they'll do it better than you), and even not "How to help?"
(I hate to say it, but very few of the victims will need blood transfusion when found and the government has enough money reserves, though as signs of moral support, the donations are great) but "What lesson to learn?" That is what everybody should try to answer and discuss, to my humble opinion. My answer would be that America (as well as any other country) can no longer afford to consider itself an island separated from the rest of the world concerned only with its own interests and living by its own rules. National borders and goverments outlived themselves by the end of the 20th century. And if the only way to make countries and nations unite is to show them a "common enemy", it has been shown to them now (under the name of "international terrorism", if you need word identificators).


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