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Subject:  Tax Q: Not a US Person vs. Non-resident Alien Date:  9/23/2001  7:47 PM
Author:  curiousdog Number:  54171 of 123001

I used to live in the US on a student visa. During this time I was a non-resident alien.

Now I only visit occasionally, as a tourist. The IRS wanted me to file income tax.

Desperately I searched all their publications, because it did not feel right that a foreign tourist needs to file a tax return.

Finally I found, that tourists staying less than 4-6 months per year in the US are not "US persons", thus not required to file US tax returns.

Are non-US persons still subject to withholding on dividends and interest? But if I buy a exchange traded fund for emerging markets, then dividends are not taxed?

This is a bit off topic, but maybe someone can help:
I have income from advertising and affiliate programs on the internet. Many of my friends do the same, they live in other countries and n