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Subject:  Re: OT: Taliban getting bombed Date:  10/8/2001  12:33 PM
Author:  bookgrrrl Number:  52663 of 844097

I, for one, am far more fearful of the US government than I am of any terrorists. If you value freedom and civil liberties,
you should be too.

Galeno - I dont want you to take the following personally, but...
You come across to me as a ... tree hugging,

Hey now! On behalf of all tree-huggers everywhere, I say: them's fighting words!

I know that I'm not a regular on this board (I'm a LBYM regular). I found my way here via a post on the "Best Of" board. I haven't even read through this entire thread, so I may well be repeating what others have already stated. I'll apologize in advance if this post intrudes on the RE community, but I did want to respond to Galeno's post.

I'm one of those radical feminist, tree-hugging, Birkinstock-wearing, candle-vigil-holding, demonstration-going women who believes in animal rights (GASP!), environmentalism (SHUDDER!), and the power of psychotherapy to change lives (UNCOMFORTABLE SILENCE). However, I also have a deep and abiding love for my country, and a profound sense of gratitude that transcends all of my political complaints, due to one simple, astonishing fact: in this country, someone like me can exist.

Galeno, your post expressed a concern with civil liberties. So let's review some of mine, granted to me by the country in which I reside: I can have as many demonstrations and candlelight vigils as I want, and as long as I and my hairy-legged pals destroy no proper