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Subject:  Closed our eyes and got our credit report... Date:  10/10/2001  8:21 PM
Author:  ksfm Number:  952 of 1260

Hi everyone! It's been so quiet here until the last couple of days, I was wondering what was going on!

Well, dh and I finally broke down and got our credit reports. Actually, I got mine. The plan is to finish with mine first and then move on to put band aids on his. ;) Note: this is the legal stuff, I don't condone the all-over-fix-it-and-act-like-you-really-didn't-declare-chapter-seven kind of crapola...

Well, the first one: Experian. I was able to get that one online, zip off a quick note explaining what the problems were, print it off and wait for the email from them to tell me what they found. I like that! There was a wrong old address, and three cc's that were d/c'ed in BK chp7 two years ago still said they were charged off/not included. This was bad, because it was counting against me in a way that BK should take care of. I heard back from them yesterday, checked it out (cc #1 agreed it was in BK, cc #2 stated it was still charged off, not included, so I have to write them a dirty little note with a copy of the BK papers), printed it, I love the Internet most of the time... ;)

Second one: Trans Union. Well, they wouldn't let me view online, which is a bummer. I had to wait for them to send it snail mail, and just got it yesterday. Grabbed my highlighter before my night class last night, and went to town. Found four cc's that don't have it marked as d/c'ed in BK. Hmm...but, I can dispute online, so I'll do that in a few minutes. The phone number they had was from four years ago, in a different state. No problem. BUT -- they did include, for free, my FICO score. I cringed, then opened it. Surprise! Not too bad, considering: 659. After I get the junk with the cc companies over with and have it all changed to the way it should be, that should increase some. Also, one nicer thing is that since we haven't had any cc's in four years, we weren't expecting to see new credit lines, etc. Well, our electric company notifies TU, and it's a glowing report -- never late for last 35 months. Yay! So, I was pretty happy with that.

The last one was Equifax. They have the ability to check online, but I didn't know the answer to one of their questions, so they wouldn't let me on (I mixed up the answers to two of my student loans...go figure...). They gave me an 800 number to call. I called, the recorded voice told me to check out how to get my report online. What a crock! I'm too tired tonight to deal with that, but plan to get back with it on the weekend.

So, two out of three ain't bad. I'm excited over the FICO score. I know it's not terrific, but it is better than I was expecting. Dh's scores will be next, just to make sure everything is nice and clean -- the way it's supposed to be.

On an even brighter note, we're planning to take advantage of the terrific interest rates and buy a duplex in March or April. We're in close contact with the VA and our credit union to get a pre-approved mortgage -- that's the reason why I want our reports the way they should be. Like I need a reason! Ha! :)

Hope everyone's doing okay. Have a great week!

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