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Subject:  Re: 40K TO 77K in one year, NOW WHAT?? Date:  11/1/2001  11:24 AM
Author:  klr105 Number:  54929 of 127907

p8ntbal said:

Dearest Phil,

I take offense to being called a "child", not because I am defensive or still in some type of rebellious stage but because I believe I have the right to be treated with the same amount of respect and consideration as you would address a fellow coligue or friend. You may be my senior in age but age is attitude and from your post it would seem you need to improve yours.

P8ntbal, I think you need to calm down. If "age is attitude" as you say, then you have indicated to me that you are really perhaps 12 or 13.

Maybe it's just me, but I read Phil's reply to you as being lighthearted and rather general in his advice, being that you had given very few details as to your financial situation. For example, the use of the word "child" was not meant as a literal, but was (as I interpreted it) meant in a joking nature. But maybe it's just because I'm a Southerner that I understood this little colloquialism (kind of like the way I am not offended if a female friend, young or old, calls me "girl").

As for the rest of your post where you describe your wealth, well, perhaps if you had originally indicted this then Phil could have given advice a little more specific to your situation. Don't be mad at him for suggesting that you "should be investing in your future" -- he (and none of the other readers of your original post) had any idea that you were.

I think you need to realize that by posting a question, you are not automatically entitled to any replies of information -- rather, it is something of a "gift" for people to offer their advice. To slam Phil's advice the way you did was pretty rude. And to end on such a sarcastic note ( Gee Phil, most people I know are interested in lowering their taxable income. ) really doesn't encourage other people to want to help you.

I think you also need to realize that to get respect, you need to give it. Your reply smacks of immaturity. Do you disagree? Then prove me wrong with more intelligent replies to the people who are only trying to help you.


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