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Subject:  Re: have bonds had their run? Date:  11/16/2001  12:37 PM
Author:  foobar73 Number:  2435 of 36218

I'm kinda with ya here, but it starts to sound like market timing to me. Maybe on a macro scale, but timing nonetheless. Same could be said for MM and stocks regarding the recent bear market. I'm not flaming you here, but I'm trying to adopt a good plan w/o having to juggle money around too much.

IOW, I dont want moving $$ around as *part* of the plan.

I didn't really mean to come across as advocating market timing, or anything like that. I just wanted to point out the risks and downside of bonds in the current market.

There's nothing wrong with simply allocating your portfolio between stocks and bonds, even in today's bond market. Asset allocation implicitly assumes you're willing to accept that part of your money will not perform as well as the rest. Though it's not immediately clear whether the underperformer will be stocks or bonds in the short term, it's quite true that there is little upside to bonds right now.

If you're really thinking of long-term bond holdings, you might want to consider individual government bonds, which can be bought without commissions or fees, as a way of keeping your costs low. Over the long run, fund expenses will add up.
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