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Subject:  Looking for two books Date:  11/26/2001  11:00 AM
Author:  UhuraY2K Number:  534 of 3306

About ten years ago, I read two books whose titles I forgot by an author I can't remember. The story was a lot like Little Women, only extremely dysfunctional. The first book started with a family moving into an estate in England that was haunted, and in trying to exorcise the ghost, the author told the history of the family set, I believe, in the 1840s (the second book was totally about the family). A widower with two daughters married a widow with two daughters, and they had a son together named George. The husband died in a riding accident, and the wife took over his business, but she became an alcoholic. One daughter was shy and musical, and she became pregnant by a neighbor whose piano she used to play. Her mother and sisters locked her away in the attic and she died. One daughter was vivacious and pretty, and decided she would marry a rich man. She did, but he grew bored by her terminally cheerful disposition and fell out of love with her. The oldest daughter married an accountant, and he spent more time with other women than with her. The fourth daughter married a horse trainer much older than herself, but his strict religious beliefs finally got the better of her, so she left him and wrote a book to support herself and her son.

As I said, like Little Women, but dysfunctional. I would like to find these books because I know at least two friends who would enjoy them.

Thanks in advance.
Uhura :o)
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