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Subject:  Help with diet Date:  11/29/2001  8:18 AM
Author:  secretsharer Number:  99156 of 312185

Hi, all:
I've been lurking here for a few weeks and loving what I read. You are a terrific group of folks and this is an incredibly informative board. I got religion (i.e., woke up to my debt situation) only a couple of months ago and thanks to TMF have already made some progress. To wit: transfered my $7K cc debt from high-interest MBNA card to a Chase Platinum card which gives me one year of 2% interest on the BT, paid off two other high-interest cards (not much money) and closed out the accounts, started paying little bits of money into an emergency fund while using most of my "fire power" to pay off that one $7K CC debt ,and started doing research towards the happy day I can start making optional contributions to my job's retirement fund. Meanwhile, I am fighting the hardest fight of all, which is to "just say no" to impulse spending, but I'm making progress and having a (pretty) good time doing it, thanks to this board!

My question today is way off topic, but I hope someone can help. I am facing a struggle to lose a major amount of weight. I gotta do it, because I feel like hell and it's affecting my general health. Like most "losers," I've done this many many times, and have always regained (plus more). So I've been around the block and I'm *not* asking for diet advice (I know the how-to), but can anyone recommend a really good support-type board? I need the support of wonderful, bright, honest people, just like the kind who post right here!! Thanks,
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