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Subject:  Re: Please Help me Optimize! Date:  12/11/2001  9:47 PM
Author:  jhuangwithnmr Number:  32803 of 88760

Thanks for all the details. The plan is quite extensive and it is quite clear that you have given this much thought. It is also quite clear that you are aggressive, since you want to add money to an Education IRA when the kids don't even exist yet! [note: I don't think it is legal to add money in the name of the unborn.]

There is one thought that I have, in addition to JLC's comments in the previous post. You mentioned that you are confident in your ability to pick stock, and your bonus seems awfully good. Why do you split your aggressive investment and your lower-return investment into separate accounts? Unless your overall strategy calls for splitting your investment, and it is not merely a tax issue, the different strategies seem odd. Presumably, a person is good at one particular style--fundamental, technical, a mix, aggressive, passive, index, etc.--and not at many styles at the same time. Currently, you have the aggressive investments in Roth IRA to minimize tax, long-term investments in taxables, and mutual funds.

Unless your high-level planning calls for this spread, consider consolidating into mutual/index and aggressive investment categories only, regardless of your tax concerns. This will focus your mind and your strategies. The caveat occurs if the aggressive investment is so aggressive that the tax erosion will simply eat up all advantages of trading aggressively in the taxable account. In which case, you can switch over to an index and focus your time and skills on trading the Roth IRA.

I also noticed that you don't have a "ring fund." Is that coming from investments or savings or bonuses? I would also advise against a house. 18 - 24 months is a very short time to own the house and the hassle of the paperwork.

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