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Subject:  Re: ROLL CALL UPDATE 12/21 (& Phatsack) Date:  12/22/2001  12:13 PM
Author:  xerohype Number:  459 of 3131

Hi bookgrrl:

You wrote:
"1 $100 Target gift certificate, mailed to my home *from Target* - elf, please let me know who you are so that we can all thank you! The certificate had a puppy on it."

I have been growing increasingly suspicious that my two chocolate labradors, Razzmatazz and Boogaloo (Razz and Boo for short) are living a secret life of elfing. All the telltale signs are there. They started wearing holiday decorated doggie collars this last week one with Santa prints, the other with Snowmen. New dog toys have made our way to our home, seemingly without explanation. I'm thinking that while I go to sleep the cunning canines are surfing the web and accessing my Motley Fool account. I am a cold hearted person and would never be involved in a goodie-too-shoes project like this Santa thing you are running, but behind their pet facade, my two pooches have probably gotten ahold of my credit card and managed to order a Target Gift Card.

Tell me, who else would order a gift card with a cute puppy on it. Sickening, just sickening.

Wait, what are these furry paws doing on me! Hey, you can't do that! Bad dogs! Put down the rope and the gag, right now. Leave it, leave it!

Help, meeeeee! (muffled sounds emanating from xerohype)

Growwwl, stay Master xerohype, stay.

<pant, pant, drool, drool, wag, wag>

Don't pay any attention to that raving lunatic before. We want those children to have a very merry Christmas. Please enjoy the puppy card. Now we're off to for a well-deserved reward.

Razzmatazz and Boogaloo

P.S. If the mailpeople keep giving you trouble we can bite them for you.
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