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Subject:  Re: Avoiding sales tax on new car Date:  1/4/2002  5:40 PM
Author:  redlenses Number:  56768 of 127546

> cheapskate fess up and pay your taxes you deadbeat.

Sheesh you say that like being a cheapskate is a bad thing! :)

Thanks to all who actually read the original question and addressed it.

My intent was to explore if it was possible to LEGALLY buy a car in Oregon (which has NO sales tax) and not get hit with tax in California.

For those who shared their "moral" objections to this pursuit, I'd say I disagree with your black and white view of the world, I think the world is much more a mixture of gray than you care to believe... One of the purposes of this board is to know the laws and use them to reduce the amount of taxes you pay to the government.

The amount of time I spent on this: a couple hours
The amount of money it concerned: $1600

Interesting how a question asked on taxes gets more responses concerned with spouting off about how high and mighty people are, instead of providing useful information about the question. I somehow expected more Foolish responses than foolish ones from this board.

Oh well, God Bless America, I'm thankful for the freedom of speach we have, even though it encourages people with nothing useful or insightful to say feel the need to hear themselves talk. Kinda like this little rant of mine :)

Have fun!

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