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Subject:  FAQ Section 3 - Advanced Issues Date:  1/9/2002  10:09 PM
Author:  XMFDawn Number:  20600 of 197745

Section 3 – Advanced Issues, dual boot, networking, home built computers

You had a lot of general stuff, buy I'm a hard core computer geek. What do you have for me?

Win 9x Memory Tweak

Adding memory

Power supplies

I use Win98 at home, love my games, but the bossman wants me to also have NT for my work stuff. Do I need to buy a second computer or <gasp!> give up my fun games?
How to set up a Dual Boot System

I have two (or more!) computers. I know that there is a way to network them together, but I don't know how. Any ideas?
First, provide the board with some details like how many computers, what they will be sharing, broadband connections shared, etc? Suggestions will be given as you go through the process. Just be sure to document what you have done when you are asking the board for the next step.

Practically Networked

Home Networking part 1
Home Networking part 2

I bet my buddies $100 that I could build my own computer. They laughed at me. Can you help?

Some websites to visit (put together hard-core and business systems monthly) (great information, good reviewers, somewhat biased) (more hard core)


Post with lotsa links:

This is a work in process!
Build your own computer FAQ (follow thread)

Wow! How did you get to be so smart?
Simple. I've downloaded the internet. Have you?

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