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Subject:  HWTSC FAQ Date:  1/9/2002  10:14 PM
Author:  XMFDawn Number:  20601 of 194889

Welcome to the Help with this STUPID computer! FAQ! As always, this is a work in progress. If you find links need to be updated, added, or deleted please post a response to this post. If there are areas that you think need to be addressed, please post a response to this post.

In addition to the main page, I've added three sections. The first section consists of general information. The second section covers viruses, spam and computer safety. The third section is more advanced and covers things like dual boot system, home networking, building your own computer.

I recommend that everyone read through all three sections to become familiar with what is where. You don't have to check all the links, but it is helpful to know where to find stuff. Also, you will really impress the computer gurus on the board if you mention that you read the FAQ prior to posting -- especially if the question is not answered in the FAQ!

What is this board?
This board was designed to help people with computer related problems and questions. All OS flavors are welcome, but keep in mind that the majority of the posters use Windows machines.

I have a problem. What do you need to know to help me?
First, we'll need a major credit card with a high line of available credit. Just kidding, cash will be fine ….. Or you can pick up a snazzy FOOL ballcap:

Seriously, your first post should include the following:
--System information including operating system, processor, RAM, networked or stand-alone
--Browser information including version, plus ISP information (AOL, broadband or dial-up ISP) if it is an online question/problem
--Complete description of the problem. What happens, when it happens, what programs are running, any error messages
--Any recent changes to your system. (This includes hardware and software updates, new installations, etc.)

Anything I can do to trouble-shoot Windows problems on my own?
This is a good place to start: