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Subject:  Re: A question Date:  1/16/2002  4:21 PM
Author:  sunonun Number:  19 of 32


To me the "U" postition is like God saying, eenie, meenie, minie, mo, this one is saved, this one who does not even exist yet is doomed to eternal hell. Yes an all powerful God could do this but would He? Its like God is saying, "I'm going to send this not yet created being to Hell just to prove I'm all powerful." Why should an onmipotent God need to prove anything?

You're hitting the nail repeatedly. The God of the Calvinist is completely controlling in all things. Nothing happens except by His will. Without even knowing it, John Calvin put the sovereignty of God in a box.

God is so much bigger than the "U" doctrine gives Him credit for being.
For example, which of these takes more greatness?
1. Creating a car engine that only runs