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Subject:  Re: Rip-Off? Date:  1/19/2002  2:59 PM
Author:  rshunter2 Number:  143 of 897

That's somewhat been going on for years, partly due to good (or too good) marketing, or samples you have on hand already that you can give the Pt. to take stat and write a follow up Rx for, also the physician's interest in the best care for the Pt. and the most rapid and effective cure, etc. There's no mean and nefarious conspiracy behind it; if anything, prescribers these days (physicians, PA's, NP's, etc) can really get beat up by HMOs and other managed care situations; in fact, the pressure is a little too great now in the other direction, where price is more important than efficacy.

I think the news that shocked the world, or at least a piece of it, that is, the emergence of strains resistant to Eli Lilly's Vancomycin, which was always supposed to be held in reserve as last resort, kind of jolted everyone into realizing the new