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Subject:  SLOCM Sauce review Date:  1/21/2002  2:19 PM
Author:  jjaje Number:  4556 of 84298

Before Christmas I ordered two bottles of sauce to try out. I was hoping to wait to do a slow cooked que to test it but... We ran out of the other stuff, and were grilling some Prime Rib, so we cracked open a bottle.

Now, I'll say I live in Michigan, where people usually go for those real sweet thick sauces. Lately I have been buying Stubbs (spicy for me, regular for spouse) grilling and Bar B Q sauce at he grocery store.

Viscosity - good for squirting on a slow cooked Q. Some people prefer a thick sauce for dipping grilled beef, but this worked well, as it stuck to the beef. Some sauces seem to not stay on grilled meat if you're dipping, but we had no problem.

Color - this is all over the place for store bought stuff. The color was consistent, and appealing. Not ruby red like the sugary stuff that have the molasses and brown sugars. Not pale either. Good depth.

Taste - After my first bite, I tought my wife wouldn't like it, as it is spicier than what she usually likes, but she really liked it. I liked it very much also. The spices work well together, and provide distinctive flavor without being overpowering. Flavor instead of sting I guess. It left no distasteful after taste that that too often takes enjoyment of the other side items to a meal.

Presentation - Extremely original label.

Smell - sorry on this one, my nose was too stuffed up for a good review of the smell.

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