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Subject:  Welcome Goon Date:  1/28/2002  4:11 PM
Author:  Steadfast7 Number:  57 of 71

Welcome to the post. From time to time I try to share articles and research I've come across. Other times just thoughts and speculations. After reading some of the prior posts on this board, you may have noticed the friendly and positive attitude of the posters. Other boards have different personalities and the information provided is close to 100% bogus. In today's massive availability to disseminate information, the need for truth and honesty appear to have become a minor factor. Even the financial journals often slant or provide false information. Example, a few days ago reported that AOL had pulled out of the partnership with NPW, but no one told AOL about that. I wrote them (AOL) and they responded that it was only a rumour and they don't make comments on rumours. The article was anti-NPW but had no evidence or proof to back up its alligations. It was just a smear article.
My own entries into NPW presently are at I think more than a dozen points. As low as .77 and as high as 2.53. There was a time that I was in higher, but pulled out and took a loss. With these energy companies, timing is very important because performance isn't presently reflecting in stock prices. When the investing in this sector picks up the best bargains will bring the biggest rewards. Here is my weekend's research on NPW.
As is always the case, on the weekends I have the time to reevaluate my stocks and NPW is coming up smelling like a rose. In the industry utilities/gas/distributors only one other company is as undervalued as NPW. That would be Cornerstone Petroleum. NPW still is the better by a long shot. CNO