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Subject:  Thank you for ten years and counting. Date:  1/29/2002  11:03 PM
Author:  TMFDavidG Number:  23268 of 89905

NOTE: I'm using this post to bring together comments responding to numerous questions from people I've read over the past 24 hours -- 24 hours, by the way (perhaps for reasons you'll see below), that have been among my most rewarding since the founding of our company. Thank you all.

We notice a tendency among many to think "this is the beginning of the end." That was their reaction after each of our layoffs, after our introduction of TMF Money Advisor, and now with our introduction of the Fool Community as a premium service. That was their reaction long ago when we pulled up our stakes and left the AOL service, with our band of some few thousands -- just thousands, back then -- of Fools in tow. We understand that many will continue to think such things for a while, probably, given the carnage they've seen elsewhere.

However, perhaps in time those same people may eventually consider why The Motley Fool never went public in the first place when everyone else and his left-handed third cousin did -- what that might say about The Motley Fool. They may notice in time that the company is not just still around, now in its tenth year of operations, but in fact thriving to the extent something can in a poor economy, and worse ad market: the radio show is now moving to National Public Radio, and a 6-book deal with Simon & Schuster was just announced.

Indeed, perhaps while the media was focusing on dot-com layoffs and lumping every "Internet company" together, perhaps some were actually different from the rest -- particularly those who truly loved what they did, weren't in it for a short-term buck, and were making excruciatingly difficult decisions over 18 dreary months to ensure that their business would succeed over the term they cared most about: the long term. There w