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Subject:  An open letter to Tom and Dave. Date:  1/30/2002  11:12 AM
Author:  scoopa Number:  18874 of 52145

Dear Tom and Dave,

I am writing this post to inform you the I will not be using the free one year membership that you have offered. While I do appreciate the appearance of recognition for whatever minor contributions that I may have made to the Disney discussion board I can not in good conscience accept the offer.

I have been a member of this board since 1998 and have visited it almost daily. I have found through the years that the conversations have been thoughtful, funny, and sometimes touching and I will miss this forum and the people who post here very much.

I am taking this stand based on my feelings that this offer to certain members of the board is more of a way to guarantee that this board will still be supplied with content than a real recognition of the contribution that this community makes to the Motley Fools. Without the posts of people like PHF, Alice, and all the others there would be no discussion boards for people to logon to and no content for you to charge money for.

Some of the posts to this board show a great deal of knowledge about and research into the Disney Company. Some people here put a great deal of time and effort into their posts about this company. If these people were Wall Street analysts, who knows maybe some are, they could be getting paid big bucks for some of this work at some Wall Street investment firm but instead they have choosen their share their work for free to fellow investors. For the Motley Fools to make money off of efforts of these people is simply wrong.

What you are also doing is possible shutting out the people how need these boards the most and can possibly least afford to pay for it: the beginning investors. There are a lot of people who have come to the boards based a the principle that you have put forth that this site is for the average working stiff and homemaker vs the professional investor. What you are doing by charging a subscribtion fee is say that this is a sight for the average person only if you can pay for it. This is not the reason that I became a member of this community.

In closing if you can find a way to give my membership to someone in need or possibly a school group please do so as I will no longer be posting to this forum.

To my friends at the Disney board, God Bless, live long and prosper.

Sincerly yours,
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