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Subject:  Re: An open letter to Tom and Dave. Date:  1/31/2002  9:20 AM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  18924 of 52176

In my opinion this is a clear cut case of discrimination. I'm not sure it's legal to charge different people, different prices, for the exact same service.

Of course it is. There probably aren't two people on an airplane who paid the same price to get from Point A to Point B. And do you really think you paid the same price for the same car as the last person in the car dealership?

And at very least, TMF is making a loud statement about how much, or little they value you.

Well, sort of. They wanted to figure out a way to insure that there was sufficient quantity of posting to make sure the boards continued to have value. They own the place. That is their right. It is yours, of course, not to continue, just as you don't have to buy a newspaper if you don't like what they publish. Or if they don't choose to print your "letter to the editor". Or if you don't like the tie the publisher wears.

I would personally not consider it an honor to receive something for free if it meant others that weren't getting it are literally considered unworthy by management.

OK, but by accepting Disney's "rewards" program you show the lie in your reasoning. I'm not eligible since I don't go there often enough. You are because you do. Do you take frequent flier miles? Since they're useless until you accumulate 25,000 of them, doesn't that create "two separate classes"?

Businesses have a variety of strategems to thank their best customers. Offering a $30 incentive to some, but not all posters doesn't seem overly nefarious.

In the interest of disclosure I should point out that I got one of the freebies, but I would have paid even if I did not. I also fly on airlines where I am not rewarded, nor regarded as "a preferred customer." That's just the way it works, sometimes.
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