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Subject:  Update Date:  2/4/2002  1:38 PM
Author:  maureenkaplan Number:  110399 of 312187

So, I've been gone about six months, I think....

For all who don't (or barely) remember me:

I was about $57,000 in debt (non-mortgage.)
I was going through a divorce and having second thoughts.
I was/am seeing a psychiatrist.
I was saving money like mad to pay an upcoming tax bill - due to an error on my W-2 (my company's error, but the IRS won't care... ::grin::)

I decided to try to get back together with my husband. I stopped seeing someone (whom I had started seeing just after I moved out), and we started spending time together. I got very depressed and started gaining weight. I also started spending money.

2 months later, I called things off with my husband. (The divorce is proceeding.) I continued to gain weight, I continued to spend money - and I started having "hypo-manic" sypmtoms. (For those who don't know, that's similar to a manic attack for a bipolar person, but less severe.)

No, thank god, I am not bipolar. Instead - I have thyroid disease! So, now I have new and fancy medical bills to pay. Insurance helps, but not enough. And, I can't actually get treatment yet because it's flaring - sometimes I'm hyperthyroid, and sometimes I'm hypo - and I've gained 40 lbs in 5 months... wow.

On the financial front - I had to borrow $1800 of the $4100 tax bill from my brother in January. I've repaid $400. The credit cards are not maxed out, but haven't dropped; although I "broke my cash-diet", I paid enough more than the minimum that I at least didn't raise the total. My efund is *gone*.

However, I am *not* paying anything on the largest portion of my debt - because it was/is a divorce settlement. Now that I'm no longer feeling guilty over the fact that I chose to leave my marriage, I am angry that I, who have no assets from this marriage, "owe" him $50,000 - and he, who has the house, most of the furniture, and everything he brought into the marriage, owes me nothing. While I don't think I should claim anything from him, I don't think he should claim anything from me, either. So, we've agreed to suspend the interest, for now, and meet to discuss why this is/isn't reasonable.

And, finally, I have aquired a housemate. Which will hopefully *significantly* help with the finances.

And as soon as payday comes (tommorrow!), I'm buying a membership! I *need* you guys.

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