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Subject:  Re: Update Date:  2/5/2002  10:27 AM
Author:  maureenkaplan Number:  110564 of 312185

LOL...I will/would get the stock if/when it's all paid for - except that he's only willing to hold it for me for a specific time period... Also, I'm not paying him the difference; I'm paying 75%; 1/2 of what we bought together, plus 100% of what "I" bought, plus interest.

It's more that I didn't ask for anything from the house we bought together, I didn't take any furniture we aquired together (except for 1 chair; he kept the desk, the bed, etc...) I didn't ask for any of the stock (it started as his, but he added me to everything before we were married); he can afford it, and he easily lost as much on his speculations as I did on mine. I *could* have soaked him for $100,000, easily. So, since I didn't claim anything from him, I don't feel I should owe him anything, either.

Especially when I add in the part where he didn't keep his agreements any better than I did mine. I *can't* hold him responsible for that - I mean, what am I supposed to say? "You can't be friends with X because you agreed you wouldn't become friends with my friends." - yuck. (Caveat - those were only the friends with whom he hadn't already become friends!) But if I have to be responsible for my renegs, he has to be responsible for his.

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