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Subject:  Re: Update Date:  2/5/2002  2:21 PM
Author:  ishtarastarte Number:  110637 of 309666

However - I want to point out to all that he isn't a bad person, and he isn't *trying* to mess with me; this got started because I said he had agreed to let me not pay him right now, while we figure out something that feels more equitable to *both* of us. He's really a great guy (anyone want a husband, slightly used? Smart, not bad looking, financially savvy and very hard working? ::grin::) He and I are just hypberbolic mixture when living together.

I'm sorry, but he doesn't sound like someone I'd like to be married to, if I understand this stock thing correctly.

What I have understood from what you said was:

He had some assets (house, money) before you were married.

You wanted to make an investment.

He said, "hey, the money is both of ours, go ahead, what do you want to do?"

You said, "I want X shares of ABC at $zz.zz/per share"

He bought X + Y shares and holds you liable for the loss? Is that right? Now he's saying that because he invested $50,000 in your pick (and it was more than you intended) that you owe him money? And he got you to agree to