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Financial Planning / Tax Strategies


Subject:  Reasons to stick around... Date:  2/13/2002  1:06 PM
Author:  TMFSelena Number:  58912 of 127613

Greetings, Folks --

For anyone still on the fence about subscribing to our Fool Community (, the list below may help you make up your mind, as it points out how much this community has to offer. (Remember that today is the last day to get two years for the price of one.)

(Actually, on *this* board, I suspect that many folks get at least $30 worth of value from just one piece of advice! :))

(And for those who just can't soak up enough tax information, may I recommend our newly-published Motley Fool Tax Guide 2002? It's full of TMF Taxes wisdom, and is at:

The list below is worthy of many people's attention. It's by no means comprehensive, but perhaps you'll stumble upon a few interesting nooks or crannies. (Some of these boards are woefully neglected -- if so and they're for a topic you're interested in, post a message or two anyway, as it might help attract more readers. For every new board to thrive, it needs a few people to take a chance and start a discussion.)

WARNING: This is a VERY long list. One good strategy might be to scan through it, clicking in and out of various boards. When you click into a promising board, click the red heart to make it one of your favorite boards. Then you can go back later to read through it at your convenience and see if you like it. If you don't, remove it from your favorites. If you like it, leave it there and see what conversations develop in the future. Keeping it as a favorite will remind you to drop in now and then. I encourage you to scroll through to the end. The 67th or 82nd boards might be of great interest to you -- you never know!

Apologies in advance for the hundreds of interesting boards I've neglected to list. Feel free to list more -- especially on the first board below:

New Boards, Notable Boards:

SLC Winter Olympics 2002:





Foolish Elves -- Random Acts of Kindness:

742 Evergreen Terrace (The Simpsons):

African-American Fools:

Dumpster Divers:

General Aviation:

Current Events:

Humor and Urban Legends:

Boring Stocks:

Consumer Credit / Credit Cards

Annual Shareholder Mtg. Reports:

Card & Board Games:

Scrabbling Fools:

New Board: Death and Grieving

Funerals and Cemetaries:


Foolish Golf Tips:

Great Movies:

Foreign Films:

The Eclectic Library (non-business books):

Book Club:

Single Fools:


Foodies -- Fine dining fans:

Foolish Golf Tips:

Television Banter:

"Survivor" (the TV show):


Headache Help and Commiseration:


Quitting Smoking:

Quitting Drinking:

Fools Fighting Fat:

Good News:

Fools Fighting Fat:

Quitting Gambling:

Quitting Nailbiting:

Recovery in AA/NA:


Poems and Quotes:

Words, Words, Words:

Surviving Cancer:

Jewish and Foolish:

Christian Fools:

Catholic Fools:


Fools for Christ:

Bible Studies Daily:

Foolish Latter-day Saints:

Tibetan Buddhist Master Board:

Religion - All About It:

Athiest Fools:

Pagan Fools:

Creation vs. Evolution:

Arminian Theology

Reformed Theology


Math Recreations and Puzzles:


Living Under Bankruptcy:

Hockey Fans:

Shooting, Hunting, Guns

Running Fools:

Bicycling Fools:

Foolish Hiking:

Major League Baseball:

77's Foolish House of Pigskin:

Star Trek:


Learning English:


Crafty Fools:

Ex-pat Fools:

Beer-loving Fools (on the enjoyment of beer):


Beer brewing for Fools:

Help with this STUPID computer!

Apple Users' Group:

Linux User's Group:

Baby Boomers:

Investing Beginners:

Investing For Couples:

Living with Disabilities:

Military Fools:

Military Brats:


Pet Lovers:

Estate Planning and the Fool:

Retire Early:

Retirement Investing:

Retired Fools:

Self-Employed Fools:

This Job Sucks:

Ask the Headhunter:

Foolish Doctors:

Wall Streeters:


The Value of Education:

Teens and Their Money:

College Fools:

Just Out of College Fools:

Paying Back Student Loans:

Women & Investing:

Best Travel Spots/Tips:

Cars and Drivers:

Buying and Maintaining a Car:

Buying / Maintaining a Home:

The Wedding Chapel

Newlywed Fools:


Get Organized!

Cheap Air Fares:


Health and Nutrition:

LASIK Eye surgery: Worth It?

Abortion: Right or Wrong?


Rants and Rambles:

Tax Strategies

Music & Musicians:


Parents and Expecting Parents:

Adoption (kids, not technology):

Single Parents:

Aging and Infirm Parents:

Choosing Not To Have Kids:


Stay at Home Moms and Dads:

Parents of Autistic Children:

Parents of Gifted Kids:

Political Asylum:

Conservative Fools:

Liberal Fools:

Aspiring Writers:

Wrestling Talk:


The Gestalt of Cooking:

Fine Art of BBQ:

Vegetarian and Vegan Fools:

The Wine Cellar:


The Renters' Corner:

Porto's Front Porch:

Wireless & Mobile Buyer's Guide:

Wireless World:

FrozenCanuck's Fiberhead Friends:

Ask a Foolish Waiter:

Gay, Out, Loud, Proud:

Coupons 'n' More:

SETI Fools:

Depression/Bipolar Disorders:

Behavioral Economics/Psychology:


Gravity and Other Grand Ideas:

Life, the Universe and Everything:

Old Stock Certificate Mysteries:

Mastering Quicken:

Mastering Microsoft Money:

Living Below Your Means:

Living Beyond Your Means:

Living Under Bankruptcy:

Understanding Your Credit Report:

Computer Games:

Language Use and Abuse:

Pet Peeves:

Philosopher's Corner:

Renewable Energy:

Peter Lynch Investing:

Living Deliberately:

Grape's Fisher Kings:

CFA Study Group:

Ahlgren Ecomonics:

l'union fait la force:

Elric Seven's [Biotech] Research Corner:

Security Analysis -- the Book:

George Gilder:

Sustainable Business:

Armchair Economist:

The Cambridge Group:

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