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Subject:  Re: What I had in Mind Date:  2/13/2002  5:28 PM
Author:  gslts Number:  9 of 131

Just say Hi, now that is out of the way. I also like to shoot, mostly clay now, but I have put more than one hole in paper. Once I got out of the rim fire stage, where you have to buy the ammo, I went on to reload. I found this was about as much fun as the shooting, and it does help keep the cost down.

I started with a S&W .357, and bough a Lee Loader, don't know if they still make them, might look on Google to see. This was purely a one at a time opperation. No press, no scale, although that was the first accessory I bought. After I started using more ammo than the Lee could easily reload I did get a RCBS Rock Chucker Press and a set of .367 and .38 dies.

This made the process faster and more accurate. I could shoot a couple hundred rounds, then some time during the week reload them. Need to watch the brass to make sure it does not get weak, but with light to medium loads you can get a lot of reloads out of one set of brass. I never went so far as casting my own bullets, but I know some that have, and that just adds to the whole experience.

I now use a shot gun and shoot 5 stand and sporting clas when I cna find the time. I have found the Wal Mart puts Federal no. 9 2 3/4 shells on sale by the case each fall. You can get a case or two for less than you can reload for. Using and over and undere I can keep all my hulls and they can be reloaded.

If you have a range near you they may have to equipment theyre and people to walk you through the process. I have had ranges with the equipment, components and they would rent the time so you could reload what you shot up.

By the By I am just north of you in sunny MD.
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