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Subject:  Re: What I had in Mind Date:  2/14/2002  8:01 AM
Author:  voelkels Number:  16 of 131

I've owned a pistol for about two and a half years now, and I've really come to enjoy going down to the range and punching holes in paper. It's just enjoyable to me.

Hi Tim. I bought my first pistol in 1962. Since then I have “accumulated “ a fair number of rifles, pistols and shotguns using both fixed cartridges and muzzle loading. In 1967, I bought my first press for reloading (a Herter's C=press that was built like a tank). I presently use a Lyman “Orange Crusher” O-press. I load 9mm, .38/.357 and .44 mag. for pistol along with .223, 22-250, .243, 25-06, 7X57mm, 7mm mag, .30 carbine, 7.62X39mm, 30-06, 300 H&H mag., 9.3X72R, 45-70 and .458 mag. I have been toying with the idea of having the .458 (a Ruger #1) rechambered to a 450 Ackley magnum. If I did that I would have to make my own cases, probably by necking up the .416 Remington magnum to .458 and fire forming.

In general, reloading your own brass will give you better ammo for a cost of about 1/3 to ½ less than factory ammo. Depending upon the pressures and calibers involved, you can usually get 5 to 10 reloads on your cases before you have to discard the cases due to splitting.


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