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Subject:  Re: What I had in Mind Date:  2/14/2002  6:28 PM
Author:  tgrmn Number:  32 of 131

Any thoughts as to your favorite .45? I'm thinking I just have to do an upgrade at some point.

As long as your gun does the job you want, I think it's right for you.

I had a wonder-nine for a short while, long enough to go shoot it. It was keyhole-ing at twenty five yards, improperly crowned muzzle, so I went that day to a gun show and traded it for a 45, Ithaca frame, Colt Series 70 slide. I had it built into a wadcutter gun for NRA 3 gun.

I favor the original manufacturers, not newer than series 70, but I also acknowledge Springfield Armory, and some of the independent shops for their product. The frame and slide hardness are important to build a real comp shooter, in my opinion anyway.

I'm not an expert but, it's important the gun function reliably and predictibly for consistent performance and groupings.

I've examined guns in shops for sale and at shows, alleged to be target and competition prepped guns, but they were loose, loose as all get out.

I suggest, after clearing, always, you find one that fits your hand,

1. With the slide forward, wiggle on the front end of the barrel and the bushing to see if there is play.

2. Hold the slide from the top in the front and then in the back while your other hand holds the frame and wiggle to check for play.

3. With the slide forward, pistol in battery, push down on the rear end of the barrel through the eject port checking for play in the top grooves, barrel to slide, and the link on the bottom.

4. I think capacity is nice but I like accuracy better. Besides, I've got more than one magazine.

Any slop will mean the gun can lock up in battery slightly different each time and your groups will be spread out more. A tight gun and reliable ammo should give you better the seven inch groups with iron adjustable sights at fifty yards. Ball rounds are a little hotter, bigger groups, wadcutter, better groups, at least for me.

Tigerman, Imho
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