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Subject:  Re: Clones - psuasskicker (continued) Date:  3/2/2002  1:48 AM
Author:  psuasskicker Number:  202 of 9208

1. e4 c5; 2. Nf3 Nc6; 3. c4 Nf6; 4. e5? Ng4; 5. Qe2 Qc7; 6. Nd4 Ngxe5; 7. Nxc6 bxc6; 8. Nc3 e6; 9. f4 Ng6; 10. Qf3 Bd6; 11. g3 0-0; 12. Ne4 Ba6; 13. Nxd6 Qxd6; 14. f5 Ne5; 15. Qf4 Qd4; 16. fxe6 dxe6; 17. Qxd4

Don't even have to look at the board for this one...

17. ... cxd4

Okay, I'm a little tipsy, but the pawn that's protecting the queen is taking your queen, which I think you should get that...that should be the c pawn if I remember the board correctly.

I looked at it from every angle...I didn't see a better move for you to make. I'd leave my queen there and develop around her if you refused to take her, and because of my space advantage I could wait forever. Plus your c pawn is under heavy fire and if you didn't take my queen it would have fallen this next turn. Then, if you moved your queen away (depending on where you moved it), I'd play Qe4+ and win your rook and you'd have been in all kinds of trouble. Trading queens was your only play.

As a sidebar, note that my pawns are now no longer doubled. My isolated a pawn hasn't hurt me at all thus far, and with everything pointed kingside it shouldn't.

I prolly shouldn't say this cause like I said, I'm a bit tippsy, but I'm coming for your c pawn next, and I'll trade my bishop before I give up my knight... I think my knight is excellent right now and my bishop sucks.

Okay, off to bed with the wifey, who may or may not have passed out. :-)


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