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Subject:  A Dilemma of Sorts... Date:  3/6/2002  1:22 PM
Author:  Gigaman Number:  228 of 8421

To post or not to post...

Lately I have been on a bit of a run with having some posts rec'd fairly high. In my last 23 posts I have 235 recs. So with a post:rec ratio higher than 10, that should put me in position to earn a blue little crown by my name - signifying my importance to the TMF community.

Unfortunately I have to wait for the dry spell previous to that to run it's course before receiving my prize. In the total last month, I simply have a paltry 5:1 ratio - Blech!! If I had only known to avoid those boards with little traffic back in early February!! I place the blame on the Great Movies board for wasting my precious posts there with little recognition! As it is, I have to wait to be crowned around the 28th of March - or about 3 weeks from now.

Now the dilemma comes in. What if my hot streak ends? To ensure my crown, I could simply stop posting for the next three weeks. Then I could proudly parade through several boards, brilliantly showing my wonderful achievement before dilution takes effect and removes my crown again.

I just have to make sure to avoid diluted my posts before that glorious moment. Crap! I didn't even think about the fact that this post just put my rec:post ratio back under 10! Damn! That may not be enough to ensure a crown...

Please people, for the love of God, don't allow this simple post to ruin my chances at Kingship. By reccing this post, you allow me to live through another post without dilution! About 10 recs is all I need to make sure that this does not adversely effect me.

Whaddaya say people, can you spare a rec?

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