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Subject:  Re: Analyze this opening Date:  3/11/2002  12:51 PM
Author:  Manfreud Number:  772 of 9208


There is nothing horrid about 3....Bf5, its just a variation where Black might actually try to play B:b1, leading to more unorthodox positions,but you sidestepped all that when you played Nc3.
The major/textbook problem with the Queens Gambit (QG)after Black plays e6 is the Bishop buried on c8, therefore Bf5 is a move searching for freedom, even though it may allow e4 with tempo, forcing the B back to g6. By the way, after your Bg5, Blacks better reply is Ne4.
The disgusting Be6 allowing the fork is just a matter of computer programming, which will make the computer materialistic, a trait that is only good if coupled with a deep search into the position, several moves (also called "ply") ahead. In the case of Excalibur, your level 20 obviously is set to what it looks like "ply 1", therefore it can only see up to Be6,where it then evaluates the position as favourable to Black. If it were set to look deeper, I believe it would see d5 coming and alter that previous judgment to "unfavourable", and not play Be6.In the future, try to play only the highest levels on the machine, and if it turns out that you are still able to beat it consistently, it is time to move on to something stronger (it happened to me).
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