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Subject:  Bicycling Fools Index 1.0 Date:  3/22/2002  1:58 AM
Author:  LeftBlank Number:  1249 of 15767

Index to Posts from March 2000-March 2002

What's here:
1. Accessories, gear, tools
2. Choosing a bike/types of bikes
3. Commuting
4. Maintenance
5. Miscellaneous Questions
6. Other forums and sites
7. Pain, Fitness, Health
8. Pedals: Going Clipless
9. Polls
10. Ride reports
11. Riding in rough weather
12. Traffic and advocacy
13. Training
14. About this index

1. Accessories, gear, tools

Cycling shorts 101

How long should you keep bicycling shoes?

Special saddles for women

What accessories are essential? (thread)

Baby seats and trailers for kids, safety of (thread)

A thread with lots of cyclewear info and links:

A post with cycle gear links:

Cyclometers thread

Thread about Helmets (Brain Buckets)

About locks

Bike applications for Palms and other PDA's

Fitting and properly wearing a helmet

Tubular tires

Rock shocks

Disc brakes discussion:

2. Choosing a bike/types of bikes

Electric/battery bikes

Product review links

Diamondback DBR series XTS-1 full suspension mountain bike

Cyclocross bikes

Hybrid bikes

Used bikes

Bike brands and shopping for a bike (thread)

Recumbent bikes

Tandem advice threads

About folding bikes

3. Commuting

Don't you get all smelly and so forth?

I biked to work!

First day commuting to work (good thread)

Great commute!

Riding to work

Cost savings of commuting

4. Maintenance

How to True Your Tires:

How to fix a flat:

Books on bike repair

5. Miscellaneous questions

Investing in bike companies

About riding in a group

Getting started and motivation

How slow is slow, in a club ride?

Road bike newbie

Getting muddy, should you?

OK to ride after giving blood?

Mountain biking questions

Riding with kids

Lost the key to my Kryptonite lock - now what?

6. Other Forums and Sites
BikeForums (large, friendly community)

Usenet newsgroups:

Gorp bicycling site (popup ads)

Mountain bike chat, product reviews etc:

Thread with Le Tour de France links

Bicycle FAQs

7. Pain, Fitness, Health
Proof: Cycling Reverses Aging

Back Pain threads

Bicycling Mag links on aches and pains

Pains in the butt

Specific to women

Cycling/impotence discussion

Many links on dieting, biking and fitness here:

8. Pedals: Clipless, or not

Compatibility Among Clipless Pedal Brands

What are degrees of float?

Clipless pedal links

"I've Gone Clipless" (Discussion re falling over)

More falling over

Using toe clips

Pedal failure

General clipless pedal discussion

9. Polls

Do you bike to work?

What is an epic ride?

Do you wear a bike helmet?

Best maintenance book?

Riding on the sidewalks:

10. Ride Reports

Touring/trying to revive this board (good thread)

My Ride on 4/23

To Ride or Not to Ride

Off my hiney

My ride today

My Ride on 5/3


Happy Friday

Rode (Manhattan)

Club ride

Joshua Tree ride

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep