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Subject:  Re: Factor an additional 5% to RE - Reparations Date:  3/27/2002  10:46 AM
Author:  markr33 Number:  64226 of 876054

<<I think it is absolutely ludicrous to punish people for things done by others many, many years ago.>>

Well, where were you and the others five years ago when Swiss and German companies were getting hauled into court for WWII - era claims? Where was the hue and cry when Congress made it easier for these types of lawsuits to go forward? Why didn't you say "Yes, everyone feels bad that [the Holocaust] happened, but get over it. We learned from our mistakes. Let's move on?"

Which lawsuit do you mean - the one against the insurance companies who didn't pay the claims on life insurance of those who were gassed and cremated or the one against the banks who didn't turn over the deposits of those who were gassed and cremated to their heirs ?

Do you think that if a person is murdered that the insurance company doesn't have to pay their life insurance claim ? Or if a person is murdered that their bank doesn't have to turn over their deposits to the heirs ?

Anyone who knows anything about the legal system KNEW that once the Holocaust lawsuits were successful, it was only a matter of time before slavery lawsuits and the like followed. The time to stop this thing was then, at the beginning. Waiting to get all excited about it NOW completely plays into the hands of those who would stoke the fires of racial division.

It is a completely different case and the precedent wouldn't hold up in a fair court of law. The life insurance and deposit claims were simple theft and the claims against Germany and German companies regarding slave labor, pensions, etc. were only allowed to be made by living survivors.

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