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Subject:  Re: Factor an additional 5% to RE - Reparations Date:  3/27/2002  4:41 PM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  64267 of 876033

<<I am a first generation American on my Mother's side. Half of my Dad's family have been here for hundreds of years. Of that half, part were slave holders who lost everything they owned at the battle of Chickamonga which completly destroyed their plantation. During this time, others were fighting for the north.

What percentage should I have to pay?

L >>

Heh, heh!

Whatayagot? Send it in.

Back next generation for more.

This claim is an interesting illustration of why it's futile to either raise or object to such issues. People do what they have the power to do, especially when it is rationalized or supported by the politics of the day.

Blacks may object to racial preferences one year, and support them another, depending on who benefits. Indians may object to white who grabbed off land willie-nilly a hunmdred years ago, but around here Indians do the same thing themselves these days.

So what's new? Not much. Power is as power does rather often, and the devil take the hindmost.

Seattle Pioneer
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