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Subject:  Re: Factor an additional 5% to RE - Reparations Date:  3/28/2002  2:57 PM
Author:  mazske Number:  64312 of 875628

I am going to find a good Irish lawyer and try to hop on this bandwagon. After all, when my grandparents arrived in NYC in the 19th Century they were subjected to discrimination ("No Irish Need Apply") and forced to take menial jobs at low pay. I suffer terribly from this even to this day.

If you find a good one, add my name to the list. But it was my great, great, great grandparents who arrived in the mid 19th century. Plus, one great grandmother on my mothers side is Cherokee Indian. For those that have met me, I'm sure the strong Indian facial features that I have give that away.

Now, my kids are quite mutts. With their mother being from Panama and being part indian, chinese, spanish and who knows what else, they could win a small forturne.

Hey, how's this for an idea. We are all freaking human beings and I don't care if anyone is black, white, yellow or red. No offense if I left a color out. We didn't chose who our parents are and they didn't chose who their's were. Can't we look at each other as to who we are on the inside and not our color on the outside. That includes if I have shoulder lenght hair, a beard, blue hair, pierced tongues or whatever is the current fad. Let's get back to living and lose the words race and discrimination from our language. I figure eventually in a few thousands years we will all look pretty similar anyhow.

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