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Subject:  Re: Factor an additional 5% to RE - Reparations Date:  3/29/2002  4:23 PM
Author:  ariechert Number:  64383 of 876422

galeno asked: Am I the only one (besides the brave plaintiff) who agrees that America MUST pay restitution for its abominable history of slavery, genocide and mass murder that goes on even as we speak??

Excuse me? Every Carribean and Latin American country in Central and South America had slaves. Some of those countries had slavery even longer than the United States. Not to mention what the Spanish did to the Indians in those Countries. Have you forgotten about Cortez and his little escapades into Mexico which affected the Aztecs? Or how about what the Spanish did to the Incas? I took California History when I went to school out there. If my memory serves me correctly the Padres in the missions weren't exactly kind to their Indian slaves. Give me a break. Until just recently 99% of the worlds population lived short brutal dirty lives. They extracted an arrow head from that 5,000 year old Iceman (Oetzi?) they found in the Alps. Perhaps with DNA testing they could find out who his descendants are and who killed him and they could sue each other. - Art

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