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Subject:  Re: Origin of Morality Date:  4/3/2002  11:33 AM
Author:  sonofed Number:  20907 of 507727


If you needed your car to get your kid to the hospital, and your neighbor stole it out of your driveway because his kid needed to get to the hospital too, would you be okay with it because he got to it first?

If I store up food and water (just barely enough to feed me and my family) in anticipation of a big storm, and you don't, when the storm hits, can you come over and take my food and water (causing my family to starve) based on your need?

How can you know whether a piece of somebody else's property you decide you need to save a life isn't already required by the owner of the property for a similar purpose?

What right do you have to deprive another person of the right to his property based on your limited understanding of the role that property serves for the owner?

Now, if your child was in need of a ride to the hospital and you came to my house, I would lend you my car voluntarily because life is more important than property from that perspective.

The issue is that you don't get to decide that for the owner of the property, since you can only have at best an incomplete understanding of the role of the property.

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