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Health & Fitness / Lasik Eye Surgery; Worth It?


Subject:  My experience Date:  4/12/2002  12:48 PM
Author:  IndecisiveFool Number:  28 of 43

Last week, I had Lasik surgery. So far I have had only one small complication and my vision is good. I was able to see pretty well immediately after the procedure. By that evening, I was actually able to drive a vehicle. At the next day check-up, I was able to read the 20/20 line on the charts with each eye. I am still maintaining 20/20 vision after my one-week follow-up.

My surgical experience
I had the first appointment of the day. It felt good to have the first appointment after the laser is calibrated for the day. I arrived 30 minutes before the procedure. The Lasik coordinator took me to her office to sign the consent forms. Then I was given a Valium. I was also given one liter of water to drink to make sure I was hydrated before the procedure. I was led to the pre-op room where numbing drops were added to my eyes. My eyelids were also cleaned. I was fitted with booties and a hair covering.

When the surgeon was ready, I was led into the surgical room. After laying on the recliner, my head was stabilized. I am then given additional numbing drops. The eyelid was held open with a device (can't remember name), a corneal flap was created with a microkeratome, the laser shapes the eye, and then the flap put back in its original position. One complication arose during the surgery. There is a rough edge on the flap in the right eye. A contact lens is placed on the eye that will be removed the next day. The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes. There is no pain during the whole procedure. I go home to recuperate.

On the way home, I can read signs. The right eye is blurrier due to the contact. When I go home, I go to bed for several hours, which is recommended by the doctor. After waking up, my vision was pretty good. I could see thing clearly. I was required to use antibiotic drop three times a day and lubricating drops every hour. I felt so good by the evening that I went to the mechanic to pick up my vehicle that was being serviced. (Yes, I am bad boy.)

I have my first follow-up the next day. The contact is removed from the right eye. My vision is checked and I am seeing 20/20 in each eye. I can even right some of the 20/15 line. I am told that I am four lines ahead of their expectations as I was expected to read the 20/50 line. My eyes were around 20/200 before the surgery. I was nearsighted with an astigmatism. The actual prescription is –3.25+1.00x89 in the right eye and –3.75+1.00x78 in the left eye. I go back t