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Subject:  Re: OT: single parent dilemma Date:  4/17/2002  5:16 PM
Author:  ishtarastarte Number:  123015 of 312161

This is your one and only child . Have you looked into getting his rights terminated because he is not forthcoming or paying your little girls bills? You owe him nothing.

Well, he's not on the Birth Cert (it says "no father named") so I don't think he HAS rights.

Or... you can chase him for the money. Is he attainable? Can a private detective find him? DOES HE HAVE ANY MONEY? Are you up to a court battle? He should pay.

He has no money, or not a lot anyway. His parents let him live there rent free. Last I heard, he was working as a waiter. Last I heard, he was only keeping jobs for a few months. I'm pretty sure I make more than he does. No contact in two years, though. But, wild, I don't WANT to take him to court, I really don't.

Forgive the rude question, but were you EVER on any kind of state assistance for the support of your child? Welfare will seek their money back with a mission.

No, and one reason to continue working and not use welfare to go to school full time was to avoid going after him.

Call it pride, call it stupidity, but when I decided to have her, I told him I would handle everything, I would do it all on my own. He did make noises about "doing the right thing" a few times and helping out when she's older, etc. Ok, I was arrogant.

I don't want this letter to force him to pay, I want this letter to explain how hard it was to ask for help, being the arrogant, independent type that I am, and to know that by ignoring me, not responding, he hurt me (and her.) Does that make sense?

I would sue his ass. Do you have his social security number?

No, and that's honestly not the action I want to take.


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