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Subject:  Re: OT: single parent dilemma Date:  4/19/2002  11:24 PM
Author:  Dragonshark Number:  123405 of 312154

"""My reason for sending the picture and update is that, in ten years, when he finally grows up and wants contact with her, I don't want him to be able to go to court and say, "she kept the child away from me all this time; I didn't know where they were." I'm not keeping him away, by sending pictures and an address once a year or so; he's keeping himself away.""

Well, that's definitely a good idea, but there are three tips that come to mind

Document Document Document

If the sleaze ever tried anything in court, would it be his word against yours as to what you are sending?

I'm not saying overnight everything, but keeping records of the phone calls (keep copies of the records with the number called on them) and certified mail may be what you need.

I once advised a friend to get out a large file box, and put everything that might ever be relevant to his legal fight in it.

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