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Subject:  Re: Yea! Someone hit my car:) Date:  5/7/2002  2:39 PM
Author:  reverbbrad Number:  125709 of 312185

I'm an easy going guy and try to help but having been burned one too many times I will never make deals to let someone give me money to pay for their hitting my car anymore. I always will call the cops and have a report filed with the insurance company.

The points that herb and Patzer made are good ones, and certainly safer ways of dealing with the problem (in the sense that you are guaranteed of being compensated). And, of course, Patzer is right that once the claim is filed you should definitely follow it through.

What I was trying to get at was more this: if this was an incident that occured with someone you encounter regularly, there might be a 'neighborly' way to go about it. I also live in duplex-land, although most of us own. Because of that, I value the goodwill of those I live near, even if I am not friends with all of them.

It seemed to me that it was worth considering whether this might be something you cared about (no one had really mentioned the other side of the insurance coin, and it seemed like the neighbors were at least decent enough to discuss it). I didn't mean to imply that there was anything wrong with settling through insurance, just that there might be a more desirable way.

Oh, and if I did decide to settle with them, I'd want a check on the spot. No hemming and hawing, or 'I don't have the checkbook on me'. That way, if they don't produce, you could still make a claim. (Of course, they could bounce a check, so there would still be some risk).

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