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Subject:  Re: Location, Location, Location? Date:  5/23/2002  2:19 AM
Author:  desertdaveataol Number:  5853 of 15018

<< #1)Laser Tag/Arcade/Snack Bar type of place. >>

Had one of those here in town a few years ago, lasted a few months. Needs a BIG place (big rent) and the equipment ain't cheap.

<< #2)Financial Planning - More "Personal Finance" stuff that the Fool teaches here. (CC Debt, Budgeting, SAVE SOME STINK'N MONEY, etc.)>>

My CU has "partnered up" with CUNY in an effort to make some $$ since fewer people are putting $$ in the CU right now. The guy only knows about the investments his company offers and the CU is doing it for a % of the take. I don't know how you'd compete against stuff like that. Who would your costumers be?

<< #3)Car Wash - Self-Serve & Drive Through. >>

Two types in our town. A big fancy place with live people helping the machines for big bucks and another downtown doing the same thing for fewer $$. Both have been around for years, so they must be doing something right.

The other type is the do-it-yourself bays. I haven't seen any of them going out of business either and a new one just opened up a few blocks from where I live.

Only concern: You'll be one of the first hit if drought causes a water shortage. Also look into pollution and sewage problems. Our city crooks ... er I mean fathers recently made the car washes install some sort of sumps to keep mud from clogging up the city's drains.

It looks to me (an outsider who knows NOTHING about it) like a good cash flow business as long as people have $$ for cars I guess they'll want to wash'em.

<< #4)Deli w/Mom - she has been looking into this on her own, but may need additional Financial/Buisness support. >>

Lot's a labor. It'll tie one or both of you down until you find an employee who can be trusted. Also be prepared to deal with government food inspectors coming around. Last time I heard five flies in sight without his moving his head and you got closed down.

Also, be SURE all the plumbing is approved for a restaurant before signing any lease. Some places require special sinks and stuff you'd never think of. Might want to go down to city hall and talk to an inspector or two about what's up.

<<#5)Computer Consulting - Last ditch effort to get out of 9-5 working for someone else life. (Convinced I'm really burned out on doing "computer support" though)>>

Only start doing a job you hate for yourself if you're in it for the money. Cause it's the same job just with more worries and (maybe) a few more bucks. Better to look forward to coming to work in the morning.

You might combine this or Financial Planning with the self service car wash since you could have an office on site and maybe talk a few people into coming inside for a consultation and a free tire gauge.

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