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Subject:  Re: Location, Location, Location? Date:  5/23/2002  10:08 AM
Author:  desertdaveataol Number:  5858 of 15018

<< A professional computer shopper could sit down with a client, assess what they would use a computer for, perhaps suggest some other uses they might want to consider, and then recommend possible systems, peripherals, and software, and then do the research to get the person the best deal. Not only that, this person would be knowledgeable about new products, recent reviews, reliability ratings, etc. This person could also help the person set up the system, home network, antivirus/firewall software, that sort of thing.

I think there are some people out there who would pay someone to do all that for them. I know my mother would have if she hadn't had me or my sister to shop for her; she told me so. >>

Yes, Barb, there's a lot of need for that sort of thing (computer shopper/setter-upper) out there. The killer though (IMHO) is in the last sentence of your last paragraph. There's also a lot of qualified (and not so qualified) family and friends out there who'll do it for free.

My brother, who's a computer guru for a large corp. in the Northwest, tried something like that, in his spare time, a few years ago. We never talked much about it, but he's since moved on to other things. It seems that that, and several other things he's tried, never made what he made "workin' for the man" at regular rates much less overtime.

It seems to me, one of the problems (aside from FREE family help) is contacting the clients. People buy computers about as often as they buy cars. So it's not like you'd be going back every month to re-re-sharpen their knives and scissors.

I hope you shoved a laptop up that salesman's ... er ... down his throat when he came back.

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