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Subject:  Re: Damn Damn Damn! I will NOT kill DH... Date:  5/25/2002  10:36 PM
Author:  JacKitts Number:  128045 of 312185

Good luck with that. In 33 years, I have not been able to get DH to do that. Now we have the biggest casino in the world in our back yard and the mortgage (money he borrowed to start a business and buy a truck) is not being paid on schedule and I just found a CC with a 2250 balance on it. No delayed gratification there.


He's lucky to be alive!

Or are you busy planning his punishment?

Yes, I am...We are going to have a sit-down and shut up conversation. I joined up here for the retirement lessons (I'm 59+) and found this discussion to be most enlightening. Learn from me---all our married life there has been money for vehicles. This business is just an excuse to acquire more trucks. DH owes big bucks on a 98 Jeep, also has two classic cars, dump truck, two pickups, and the CC debt and the mortgage. He is constantly talking about the next truck he is going to buy any day now.

I wonder how he will do this when I refuse to cosign? I already refused to cosign for the Jeep. I didn't have to cosign for the CC. Just found it by accident. My only debt is the student loans I cosigned for my daughter. Right now I am keeping up the payments. DD graduates next spring and promises to start paying them herself.

I am currently getting out financial record together for Rule Your Retirement. We will be sitting down with these and the current debts. For DH that should be punishment enough for now.... <chuckle>
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