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Subject:  Re: OT: Something new in my life..... Date:  6/6/2002  1:25 AM
Author:  Topaz12 Number:  129235 of 312123

><Warning, personal opinion intruding on private life.
Amen to that. Smoking is very, very bad. My family just had a dear friend die from lung cancer, nasty, nasty way to go. She had (the one who died) had 2 grandchildren, the oldest of whom was only 10. She will never get to see them growup.

>Well, in the abscence of a partner to come home to, or great sex-
>not neccesarily a package deal-I need something to 'keep me
>going' If I sound like an addict, OK. But we're all addicted to
Yeah, but in your case your addiction will KILL you. You WILL die probably a very painful and needless death. Do you enjoy having your hair fall out? Your mom worries about you looking English by growing a beard. You'll be lucky if you have ANY hair left after chemotherapy.
Do you enjoy throwing up? Try chemotherapy.
And speaking of your mom? Why would you want to put her through burying her child. It's terrible when a parent has to bury their child.
I have watched many, many friends and co-workers die from smoking caused cancer. I would not wish that fate on my worse enemy. It has scared me away from EVER touching a cigarette.
BTW, my addiction (Caffeine from Dr. Pepper) will probably not kill me. Switch addictions if need be. Just find something else besides smoking.

Ooooh, didn't mean to get on my soapbox like that.

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